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Ian Ross-chief sail designer
Ian’s passion for wavesailing is obvious to anyone who walks into our workshop. He would never make a sail that he wasn’t happy to use himself. This drive is matched by years of experience producing prototype sails and other products that demand the highest level of build quality and accuracy. (Click on the pics below for a close up of Ian testing his latest sails)

Ross Windsurf work with a test team of different weights and abilities (well ok, they are all pretty good). Note that we don’t use pampered pros or throw sails at people for free. These are real ‘local’ sailors whose feedback ensures that our sails will work for the widest range of sailors and conditions. All of our sailors are approachable and friendly so feel free to ask them for any information if you see them ripping.
Harvey Dawkins/team rider
Harvey lives to sail the meaner reef breaks around the Cornish coastline. As the owner of Hove Lagoon Watersports, Harvey could pick any sail on the market. It says a lot that he chooses ours. Harvey’s analytical nature makes his feedback essential to the Ross Windsurf development process. Click on the image below for a close up of Harvey shredding

Dale Pearce/team rider
See Dale at a Cornish beach whenever the wind blows. As a true Cornishman (via Africa) Dale is a mine of local sailing information and is still very fast! When the UK weather gets just too grim, Dale can also be seen tearing it up in Fuerteventura, in a race to crack the backloop before his body gives out
Justin Dennington/team rider
As a Marazion local, Justin is always on the scene when the wind comes alive. Justin is also the owner of a high-tech printing company in Cornwall (Plusprint) and this has helped us to develop our bold graphic style. (Click on the pics below for a close up)

Martin France-web design/team rider
Freelance web designer and a solid all round wavesailor (since he is writing this text, modesty prohibits saying any more). (Click on the pics below for a close up of Martin on a prototype sail)