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The Ross Chuckster is our toughest custom windsurfing sail

The Chuckster is our flagship quad batten sail. Made without compromise around the Ross Windsurf core principles – maximum strength, minimum weight. We have poured years of sailmaking experience into the Chuckster to take your wavesailing to new limits. Our wave sails won’t let you down when it gets heavy because every one has features including:

  • Full 6mil X-ply construction – this stuff is tough!
  • 175 micron monofilm window (other sails use 125 micron and you CAN feel the difference)
  • Choice of fixed or adjustable head
  • Fully reinforced leech
  • Kevlar clew and foot reinforcement
  • Heavy duty eyelets
  • Stylish and functional mast pad
  • RBS heavy duty battens
  • RBS ‘Rocket’ batten tensioners
  • Cordura reinforcement at key points
  • Custom sizes, colours and graphics available to order
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Sail Features
Ross Windsurf use light but tough Cordura reinforcementAt Ross Windsurf we don’t compromise on strength. All of our sails feature Cordura reinforcement at the head for maximum abrasion resistance
Sail panels are edged in a variety of colours for great looks and wear resistanceRoss Windsurf consider even the smallest details. Luff sleeve panels are reinforced at the edge with tough Dacron tape, for great looks and longevity. Every seam is double taped to ensure sand cannot wear the stitching or eat into the glue
Ross Windsurf use the best quality high tech laminates and x-plys to reinforce key areas without adding weightRoss Windsurf use the best quality high tech laminate sailcloths and x-plys to reinforce key areas without adding weight
Ross Windsurf give you the choice of a wide range of colours as our sails are strictly built-to-orderWe keep a great range of coloured sail materials and x-plys in stock and build all our sails to order, so if you want a specific colour combination then call us now!
Tough mast protector to look after your board and toesRoss Windsurf sails feature a tough and attractive mast pad to look after your board and toes. We use a super-strong and lightweight material that easily takes the knocks
Rocket batten tensioners and RBS battensRoss Windsurf use streamlined Rocket batten tensioners and super tough RBS battens. They are not cheap, but remember we only sell the sails that we want to use ourselves
Sail clews are heavily reinfored with kevlar, x-ply, dacron, webbing and heavy duty eyeletsOur sails are heavily reinforced at tack and clew with a light-yet-tough mix of kevlar, x-ply, dacron, webbing and heavy duty eyelets. They won’t let you down!

Size Luff(cm) Boom(cm) Price
3.5 342 147 call
3.7 350 150 call
4.0 358 152 call
4.2 370 155 call
4.4 382 158 call
4.7 390 162 call
5.0 410 165 call
5.2 417 168 call
5.5 424 172 call
5.8 430 175 call
6.0 440 178 call

Our sails are designed to work with skinny masts (the only choice if you are serious about your wavesailing). We recommend Nolimitz masts for their tried-and-tested strength and consistent bend properties. However our sails have been used very effectively on masts from many manufacturers so give us a call if you have a question about your existing mast. Click here for more mast information.

Nolimitz skinny mast-the toughest RDM available