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The Ross Lightweight is a stealth sail that cuts weight without sacrificing strength in the waves

The Ross Lightweight wave sail is our stealth model. We scrutinised every seam and panel in an effort to shave weight without any compromise in strength and build quality. We have kept our proven 100% 6mil x-ply construction and Kevlar reinforcement from our Chuckster model but through fanatical attention to detail we have managed to reduce the average sail weight by 0.2kg.

The Lightweight does not compromise on features either. We have kept our favourite RBS battens and Rocket batten tensions plus all the other technical features that make our sails stand out at the beach. At Ross Windsurf we keep our range small because we make the sails that we actually use ourselves. Our attitude is simple-if it didn’t work we would fix it!

The current range of Ross Windsurf sails has been extensively tested so that we are proud to call it 100% production ready. We may make sails in low volumes, but if you look at our sails you will see the quality shine through in every stitch. The subtle colour schemes on the Lightweight are especially effective at bringing out the quality of the laminate sail cloths.

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