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Ross Windsurf and RB Sails offer a custom sailmaking service to bring your ideas to life

At Ross Windsurf we keep close to our custom sailmaking roots. If you have something special in mind then call our sail loft in Cornwall now to discuss how we can make you a bespoke sail. If you are not sure what you want then we are always happy to discuss ideas. Here are a few tasters to get your brain in gear:

Custom sail logos – we can put any logo size/design you like on your sail! This is a great opportunity to use your sail as a branding exercise or just to make you really stand out at the beach. Ross Windsurf offers you the chance to make every sail a promotional opportunity for your company

Custom colour choice – we make our sails to order and keep a wide stock of sail materials in a great colour choice. We are happy to suggest colour schemes that we know look great, but if you really want outlandish colours then Ross Windsurf is the team to call!

4 or 5 batten sail designs (or anything else) – we love our latest 4 batten wave sail because it has a winning combination of light weight, bottom end grunt and top end control. However we also have proven sails in other configurations

Promotional sails – do you want a sail for display or promotional work? If so Ross Windsurf can build you any type of sail in any size (even miniatures!)

Superlightweight freestyle sails – Ross Windsurf really can build any sail you want. We can even build a superlight, stripped down sail for freestyle use that cuts down even further on weight compared to our wave sails (trading super strength for super light weight, but still tough compared to many of our rival’s sails)

Ross Windsurf – custom sails from Cornwall, UK. The choice is yours…

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