Ross Windsurf stock a range of windsurfing boards,sails, masts, booms, mast extensions and accessories
Nolimitz masts
Nolimitz brought the first skinny mast (or RDM-Reduced Diameter Mast) to market and have led the way ever since. We have found them to be a really tough mast with a bend curve that works with a wide range of sails. We have even used them with older ‘non-skinny mast’ sails and found that they offer a really forgiving ride, particularly in chop or when landing jumps. Remember, we only sell kit that we use ourselves in the Cornish waves. Nolimitz skinny masts have proven themselves over the years and include a great warranty to give you piece of mind.
Ross Windsurf stock Nolimitz skinny RDM masts
We can offer a great deal on skinny masts whether you want a package deal with one of our custom sails or just a mast by itself. Nolimitz also supply individual mast sections for maximum flexibility and performance at minimum cost.

Note that all Nolimitz RDM masts come with a stylish padded bag, making them even better value at a starting price of just £319 (including mast bag). Ross Windsurf is the UK importers for Nolimitz masts so you will not find them anywhere cheaper!

Ross Windsurf and Nolimitz masts. Why compromise?
Ross Windsurf stock Nolimitz skinny RDM masts
Tecno Limits booms
Ross Windsurf stock the full range of Tecno Limits booms. We use the both the Carbon and the great value Myto boom in the waves and have found both to be reliable and fantastic value for money
Other windsurfing accessories
Ross Windsurf keep a stock of mast extensions, mastfeet, harness lines, rope and many other accessories to keep you on the water
Custom board, boom and rig bags
Ross Windsurf is a specialist design company producing padded bags and can produce protective bags in any shape or size