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15th March 2010
We are really pleased with our new sailmaking movie – check it out via the Gallery page to see just what goes into one of our custom windsurfing sails
2nd February 2010
Phew! We are just coming to the end of a large sail order. Most people order one or maybe two sails at a time. However we were very happy when a local couple of shredders decided to renew both of their quivers at the same time! A few late nights and these sails are with their new owners and ripping it up at a beach in Cornwall whenever conditions permit
30th January 2010
Ian Ross, our sail designer at Ross Windsurf, has just returned from an epic R&D trip to Boa Vista in the Cape Verde Islands. To see how our sails look in these epic conditions then click on the gallery page
14th January 2010
Ross Windsurf has created a new brand and website to complement our cutting edge wave sails. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and look forward to talking about how we can build you a custom windsurfing sail