RB Sails - custom & prototype sails, covers, bags, shades, shade sails, awnings & canopies
RB Sails - custom & prototype sails, covers, bags, shades, shade sails, awnings & canopies

Post-storm repairs for intrepid windsurfers and kitesurfers (3rd November 2017)










Ophelia and Brian were no match for repairers Steve and Julie – who got these unlucky sailors back on the water in no time. (Slimline luff panel patch for the Severne, and a superb reconstruction for the wave-mangled Best Cabo). Contact RB Sails for quality sail and kite repairs on 01736 754659.


Boat Dodgers and Covers for Bluefin Charters, St Ives. (31st October 2017)

Bluefin Charters in St Ives needed a bit of extra shelter for it’s customers when they are transported from shore to the main boat. RB SAILS manufactured these made to measure dodgers / fabric in fill panels and we printed the logo and website address to increase the advertising potential. These custom printed dodgers really help to make the boat stand out in the harbour. If you want to charter a fishing boat then visit www.stivesboattrips.com. If you have any boat covers, dodgers, boat upholstery or sprayhoods for private or commercial boats then get in contact with RB SAILS on 01736 754659.

BOAT COVERS, Made to order in Cornwall. (12th October 2017)

RB Sails are always busy making boat covers. This one was for Tom and Dawn. The boat had no rear cover and the requirements were for maximum coverage, removable and roll up sides and back, folding roof and removable Stainless steel tubing so the whole canopy could be easily stored. We designed and bent the stainless steel tubing, and also added inserts so they could be easily stored. All fittings were top of the range Stainless steel boat fittings. The fabric chosen was a burgundy coated Acrylic Canvas with clear view PVC window fabric.

Now is a good time of year to book your new boat cover as the winter months are generally quieter. If you have any requirements then call us on 01736 754659.

Kite Repairs in Cornwall. (29th September 2017)

This kite came to us with matching rips on both sides, right along the struts. We put it back together and it is flying again. Call us on 01736 754659 to arrange a kite repair. We can also courier the sail anywhere in the UK. Or if you see Steve and Julie at the beach then give the kite to them, and they will get it fixed in no time!

Decorative Sails – Made to order (7th September 2017)

We have recently made these decorative sails. They are Acrylic canvas with reinforced corners. The sails were made to order to the customer’s specifications. We can make any sail of any size and colour to suit client needs. We can also install sails if required. For more information feel free to contact us on 01736 754659

Windsurf Sail Repairs in Cornwall, UK (1st September 2017)

Here at RB SAILS, we can repair your damaged windsurf sail, from 3.7mtr wave sails up to large race sails. Our experience in building and manufacturing windsurf sails means only the best repairs to the highest standards. you can also send your sails to us from anywhere in the UK and we will ship it back to you. For more information feel free to contact us on 01736 754659

Traditional VW Camper van awning (29th August 2017)

One of the great things about working at RB SAILS is the different, and interesting projects we are asked to do. This customer has an amazing old VW Camper and sourced a traditional frame style awning that mounts to the roof. We made the fabric canopy and side sheets in the fabric supplied and the customer kindly sent us these pictures. Looks like a great set up for a cup of tea in the sun! Give RB SAILS a call on 01736 754659 if you have anything that needs making from fabric.

Made to order and replacement Pub / Restaurant Parasols and Umbrellas with custom printing. (13th August 2017)

R.B. Sails don’t just make sails! We have been making pub, restaurant and industrial parasols for years and sending them all over the UK from our workshop in Cornwall. These were made for Salt Kitchen and Bar in Hayle. They are 5mtr by 4mtr in Grey Acrylic canvas (a great colour as it hides the dirt generated by vehicles) and custom printed valances. The printed valances are made to order with the clients logos. If you are in Hayle, Cornwall pop in to Salt for a bite to eat.

If you are interested in having replacement parasols or large umbrelas made in your choice of colour with or without custom branding then call RB SAILS on 01736 754659

Kathleen and May Promotional Sails in welded PVC Mesh (HSBC sponsored) (10th August 2017)

The Kathleen & May is Britain’s last working three mast, wooden hull topsail schooner and the only one of her class still in operation. As part of a festival the schooner was sponsored by HSBC and RB SAILS were commissioned to manufacture some promotional sails. As the sails were for static display but actually rigged on the boat as normal sails the fabric chosen was PVC mesh. RB SAILS can weld the seams on PVC using our Liester hot air machine. We finished the sail off with heavy duty reinforced corners and a bolt rope with eyelets which is similar to how the sail would normally be made. The HSBC banners were printed and added to the sails by ourselves and then delivered to the Mersey. If you require and specialist one off sails with custom printing  for promotional purposes then contact us on 01736 754659.

New Flowrider at Retallack Refurbishment of fabric and foam (23rd August 2016)

We have recently began work refurbishing the fabric and foam on the Flowrider at Retallack resort. We are replacing sections of the ride so as not to close the ride. The first phase is to replace the top struts with replacement aluminium, new high impact foam and heavy duty PVC fabric. All seams are Welded PVC to prevent water ingress. The rest of this project will continue over the winter months.



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