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Windsurf sail; serious damage repaired (29th November 2018)
















The owner of this fine Simmer Blacktip must have been gutted when his wave trick ended in a wipe-out. But he hasn’t been off the water for long – the 3 damaged panels have been expertly replaced by the skilled team at RB Sails in just a few days.

Each panel is pretty much a perfect copy of its original (minus logos!) – using the appropriate x-ply and monofilm. Julie and Steve can even replicate a panel which is largely missing – as on this Simmer 4.7. The repairs are as near to a reconstruction as possible. This means that the new panels are not simply sewn on top of the damaged sail but are properly integrated into the remaining components and set, with precision, into the batten pockets; skills passed on to the team by Ian – owner and sail designer/maker. The extravagant care which goes into the preparation of a new panel takes far longer than the sewing. But this attention to detail pays off and often the lovely clear new panels are an improvement!

Extreme winds encourage some extreme moves and occasionally extreme damage. But don’t despair, and don’t write off your windsurf sail until you’ve popped into RB Sails for a quote (ring us on 01736 754659). Many folk have been astonished by the transformation from a trashed sail to be sold on – to a dashing sail to be held on to (see what we did there?)

RB Sails now has an online shop! (18th October 2018)

Keep checking back on the site as we add a great range of windsurfing sails, masts, boards and accessories.

Custom Hydrofoil Bag (4th October 2018)

If you are one of the growing band of hovering hydrofoilers – kite, windfoil, sup or surf – then you want to be sure your cherished investment makes it safely to and from the beach. RB Sails team can help you with this – whether its a full 3- peice suit or simple wing covers. Here is a nice combo made for a local kitefoiler who swears it has kept his precious carbon in pristine condition as it competes for space in the back of the van with the rest of his kit!

SIMMER CORTEX and FANATIC STUBBY REVIEW / Comparison. (15th June 2018)


RB SAILS are really lucky to have got some of the first Simmer Cortex boards in the UK so we thought it would be good to write a little report on it and compare it to the Fanatic Stubby that we had access to last year.

The Simmer Cortex 78 and 90 arrived and the first thing we have to say is how well packaged they were! The boxes were double thickness and there was good foam and extra protection. It might seem a funny thing to say but I think it is important given the number of stories of damaged in transit boards.

The next thing that we noticed was how beautifully finished the Cortex is. It looks to our eyes absolutely brilliant. If you don’t like blue and orange then it isn’t for you! The fins look and feel excellent. They are super light so it will be interesting to see how well they last. The straps look pretty standard, but I would have preferred them in orange!






















I have a lot of experience with this style of board having been riding my own shapes since 2012 (I think), so it is interesting to try other people’s take on it.

I used the 78 ltr Simmer Cortex for the first time the other day in gusty 5mtr weather (No action shots as it was too early, to rainy and no one wanted to take any). So, although I probably have a bit more to learn about it, I must say that I was very happy with the way it performed straight away. It gets on the plane quickly especially with a couple of pumps. It was really comfortable riding around. The Cortex gybes really nicely and keeps its speed well, and this is clear in the bottom and top turn too although the waves were pretty average. It absolutely flies and the speed it maintains is great so jumping is really good. I’m looking forward to some more constant winds to really push the jumping.

I have also used the Simmer Cortex in very light cross off drift and ride conditions. It truly excelled. The volume being evenly distributed meant it was stable to drift out and it picks up waves very easily. The bottom turn felt great, totally secure and the tightness of turn is adjustable and that was with the fins not in the loosest position. The top turn was sharp and responsive.

So, I can’t really think of many negatives about this board. It is so easy to sail and does everything well! BUT how does it compare to my old board and more importantly how does it compare to Fanatics trendsetter, The Stubby.

I got hold of The Stubby as I needed a replacement for my own shaped board that was starting to give up the ghost, and I am a big fan of the concept. Now, I have to say that the Fanatic Stubby is a fantastic board and I would say that everyone could benefit from this board. It planes very quickly ( a customer has one and it gets going quicker and more often than his larger board) and is super fast. I would say it probably has a very slight edge over the Simmer Cortex in early planing and probably maintains that through the lulls slightly better too. Top speed is similar. Comparing them to my own shaped board I would say they were all in the same ballpark. One thing I found slightly uncomfortable about the Stubby was the mast track position. Even with it at the very back of the box it felt too far forward for me. Maybe this is something to do with the overall length when compared to my board which is 199cm long versus 214 for the Stubby and 213 for the Cortex. The Stubby is great for jumping as it flies everywhere and felt nice and smooth when landing. The Stubby can also gybe itself which is a joy, and this translates to a nice bottom turn. However, I did struggle with the top turn sometimes. For me the Stubby would snag on the lip unless you hit it just right and I think it felt a little stiff when compared to my home brewed shape (which to be fair is a pretty wild board to ride!). I would say the Cortex has a more snappy turn and I definitely preferred it on the wave. This is not to criticise the Fanatic as it is an exceptional board as Adam Lewis shows.



These shapes are great. You can ride a smaller size than traditional boards as they plane so well. The Fanatic Stubby planes very slightly quicker than the Cortex but top speeds are the same. On the wave the Cortex feels right between my home made board and the Fanatic, where the homebrew is super loose and lively and the Stubby is bit more safe. Because of this and living in Cornwall I choose the Cortex, with it’s edge in the wave riding department. If you want a closer look at these boards call us and make an appointment on 01736 754659.





















Made to measure high quality Shade Sails and canopies – Mousehole School (20th April 2018)

















We have worked closely with Mousehole school to produce their large shade sail and have since manufactured and installed 2more smaller shade sails. These are made in top gun with heavy duty reinforcement, marine stainless steel fittings and marine stainless steel rigging screws and shackles. For any information about our shade sails please call us on 01736 754659.


Wharram Catamaran Boat Tent (14th April 2018)









This was an interesting job! The customer was planning a trip with this Wharram catamaran and wanted a lightweight but strong tent that covered almost the whole deck., for extra room and comfort when moored or ashore. This worked brilliantly with no poles. It simply attached to the stays and was tensioned out around the boat. The Cover had zipped roll up doors and removable back sections for added versatility.

Camper van Upholstery – VW T5 Sportline (5th March 2018)









RB Sails has been doing boat and Campervan upholstery for years. This is a really nice example for a customer who wanted their rock and roll bed to match the front seats of his VW T5 sportline van. It is black and grey with red stitching. The customer was very happy. If you have any van upholstery don’t hesitate to give RB Sails a call on 01736 754659.

Land Rover Defender Pick Up Cover (21st February 2018)








Here is a Land Rover defender Pick up Cover that we made in a Traditional Canvas. It was a very enjoyable little job! The cover had a zip up and roll up back panel with a large clear window for the dogs to see out! If you have any vehicle cover requirements contact us on 01736 754659.

Morris Minor Pick Up Cover – Made to measure (24th November 2017)

We love our work at RB SAILS. And  much of our work is nothing to do with sails! Working on this lovely classic Morris Minor pick up to make a cover to the customers bespoke requirements was such a pleasure. We have the facilities to keep the vehicle inside while we do all the fabric work including measuring up, patterns and manufacturing and fitting the cover. The Customer chose this nice shade of grey which goes really well with the Morris Minor blue. At the back we added a clearview PVC window with zips (not original but a nice improvement) and leather straps so it can be rolled up and down. If you have any custom covers or vehicle cover requirements then contact us on 01736 754659.


Shade Sails and structures for Architects – Portloe, Cornwall (24th November 2017)

RB SAILS can consult, advice, manufacture and install all shade sail, architectural sails and decorative sail structures to suit your needs. This Sail was installed at Portloe in Cornwall for a local architect. We installed the large wooden posts, and designed the sail to give a nice unintrusive view of the valley. All shackles, eyebolts, tensioning screws and fittings are marine grade stainless steel and the fabric is marine grade topgun in Grey. If you have any requirements then contact us on 01736 754659.

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